The Purple Orchid : Day of Wedding Coordination

If you’ve been planning a wedding you are well aware of all the things that come along with it and how important the small details are. Now you might be doing just fine planning your own wedding, and maybe even enjoying the whole process, but have you thought about the day of the wedding coordination? If you’re the bride, who is going to be making sure things go as planned while you’re getting ready and enjoying the wonderful day? That’s where The Purple Orchid can help with their day of wedding coordination services.

With The Purple Orchid’s day of wedding coordination service package you won’t only get them on the day of, but for six weeks prior to the big day! So if you’re looking for a little more help as the big day gets closer, this might be the right package for you. With the day of wedding coordination service package you will get help for six weeks leading up to the big day, and on your wedding day as well. They will be there to help solve any last minute issues, as well as contact all the vendors and make sure they will arrive on time and have everything they need to setup. The Purple Orchid will also confirm any and all rentals needed for the site to make sure things go smoothly. Now it’s the big day and you the bride is busy getting ready and you want your most important people with you, so who does that leave to make sure things get done just as you want them? With the day of wedding coordination you will have 2 coordinators on site through out the big day. These 2 talented folks will set up any last minute decorations, set out programs and menus, place flowers in the appropriate places and talk with the DJ/Band and photographer to plan the evenings agenda. They will be there to set up the gift table and welcoming tables and all the decorations, they will also remove all the gifts and ensure them with a trusted family member at the end of the night. Along with that they will also orchestrate activities such as the first dance, toasts and cake cutting.

Now I’ve never planned a wedding but I know that if I were to plan my own, I would most certainly take advantage of The Purple Orchid’s day of wedding coordination service package. That way I know that I wouldn’t be putting a ton of stress on my family members, and I could rest easy knowing that everything would be taken care of, and that there were 2 people there ready to help and answer questions if needed. If you ask me, the day of wedding coordination service package is a no brainier! Spend your big day enjoying it, getting ready and spending time with the people most important to you. So if you’re getting close to your big day and realize you would like the extra helping and coordinating hands on the day, contact The Purple Orchid!