Independence Floor Supply : ProKnee Knee AP16

If you’re in the flooring industry you’ve probably heard about ProKnee, they create some amazing products designed for people in the flooring industry specifically. They’ve developed a full line of knee pads to make flooring installation more comfortable and to protect the installers bodies. One of the most recent innovations from ProKnee is the ProKnee Knee AP16 model.

In the year 2016 ProKnee started innovating the ProKnee AP16 Kneepad. They took as many features from their Model 0714 as possible, while of course adding some new patent pending features all of its own. The ProKnee AP16 is a one of a kind product, while still staying true to the ProKnee form, fit and function. One of the special features of the AP16 is the knee pocket shape, accompanied by the flat bottom design, helps stabilize the knee joint. Using the ProKnee AP16 can reduce joint wear out and knee burn pain. If you’re on your knees all day, and aren’t already using ProKnee kneepads, you need to see how these amazing products can save on your joints.

Another great thing about ProKnee’s AP16 model is that it was designed for one size to fit all. While their past models are function and fit they often required measurements to match the wearer. There are many places where you can find ProKnee products online, but one of the best online sellers is Independence Floor Supply in Westbrook, ME. They treat each and every customer with respect and have shown to have a quick turn around with orders. If you need to replace your ProKnee AP16 kneepad or you’re looking to equip your entire staff, visit Independence Floor Supply’s website and place your order!