Tint Maine : Eyelash Extensions

Do you dream about having bold, lush eyelashes? Did you know that there is such a thing as eyelash extensions? I didn’t until I saw what Tint Maine was up to! They are doing some amazing work helping people get Xtreme Lashes with eyelash extensions, they are the answer to obtaining longer, thicker and beautiful looking eyelashes. Tint Maine does such high quality work that people will not even be able to tell that you’ve got eyelash extensions. Work with Tint Maine to create a natural looking lush eyelashes.

These eyelash extensions are soft and lightweight, designed to look just like your natural eyelashes, perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re getting ready to go on vacation, attend a wedding or are just looking for an everyday beautiful look, these are the perfect fit. Don’t mess around with smudging your mascara any longer or dealing with tired looking eyes. No matter what you day holds in store, your eyelash extensions from Tint Maine will leave you looking refreshed and beautiful. They will stand up to a full day of activity, whether you’re working out, swimming, working or just relaxing. Each eyelash extension is applied individually to a sign eyelash, which results in a fuller, natural look. Tint Maine uses a medical grade adhesive which has rapid curing technology, allowing for an easy attachment and longer lasting extensions. These eyelash extensions are comfortable to wear and safe. With touch ups every two to four weeks, you too can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely!