Independence Floor Supply : ProKnee AP16

If you work in the flooring industry you’re probably aware of the amazing product from ProKnee, specially designed to protect and keep flooring installers knees intact. ProKnee has been developing new products since 1989, the AP16 is just the latest in their line of protective knee equipment.

In the 2016 ProKnee released their ProKnee AP16 model. The newest class of all purpose knee pads incorporates many of the features from their previous model, along with some new patent pending features of it’s own. One of the great things I love about the ProKnee products is that is a part gets worn out, they sell replacement parts that are easily put on yourself! Their unique pocket shape and flat bottom design, stablizes knee joint which helps reduce join wear out and knee burn out.

Whether you own a flooring installation company or you’re a independent flooring installer you need to look into ProKnee’s AP16 product. When you work in a physical demanding job it is important to do whatever you can to keep you body from wearing out and breaking down. Another great things about ProKnee’s AP16 is that they offer some great information on how exactly the product helps and protects your knees from the daily grind of working.