Independence Floor Supply : ProKnee Knee Pads

If you aren’t a flooring installer or contractor you probably haven’t heard of ProKnee Knee Pads, but they are a knee saver in the industry. ProKnee has been servicing the needs of flooring installers and other construction professional since 1989. They offer a complete line of custom made custom fitting kneepads which are proudly manufactured in the USA. Their commitment to sustainability has always been about designing and producing the most durable kneepads that are built to last and can be repaired and rebuilt.

It all began with their Original Model which they sold for 18 years which was in a class of its own. ProKnee just kept building and innovating, creating newer and better products. If you’re a flooring installer or a contractor that handle flooring installation, ProKnee products for your employees are a must! Not only does ProKnee create and sell products that are saving flooring installers knees, they offer information and education on how their product is helping and saving knees around the world!

After being in operation for more than 30 years, ProKnee has grown into being the number 1 kneepad for professionals around the world. From the Original to the Model 0714 & AP16, the evolution of ProKneeā€™s kneepads is how improved form, fit and function are the result of powerful innovation. Now you can purchase a whole kit or pieces and parts to fix your existing kneepad from local flooring suppliers. Bringing more knowledge and business to flooring suppliers across the country.