Zwellyn Pottery

I don’t know about you but I still have some last minute shopping to do, and I love buying gifts for my loved ones that were created with love by a Maine craftsmen. If you haven’t run across Zwellyn Pottery, than you’re missing out! This amazing artist hand throws a wide variety of pottery items. This Maine artist creates everything from beer steins to wine sets. Let’s support local craftsman instead of these large box stores, if you still have some gifts to get why not make an effort to buy from your local craftsmen?

No matter who the person you’re shopping for is, Zwellyn Pottery will have an item that’s right for them! The crafty women has been throwing pottery since her early days in college, since her first pottery class. She fell in love with working with clay and kept it up as a hobby. In 2014 she stumbled into a free standard size kiln and things took off from there!