Zwellyn Pottery : Maine Made Pottery

I don’t know about you but when I buy handmade items I like to try to do so from local people, supporting my local community. One women I found has an amazing talent for making Maine made pottery, Milly from Zwellyn Pottery. She makes a variety of items that making an amazing addition to any home or the perfect gift! She has got quite the artistic flare, which makes each piece both stunning and unique!

The variety of objects she brings to life on her pottery wheel are things such as spoon rests, beer mugs, coffee mugs, bowls and soap dishes, stemless wine glasses, ornaments and so much more! She sells her Maine made pottery on her personal site as well as on Etsy. It is that time of year to get into the Christmas shopping mood. If you have someone on your list that really appreciates handmade, Maine made pottery items, this is the shop for you. You can shop online or follow her on social media to find out what craft fairs she’ll be attending.