Global Biotechnologies – Anti Microbial Products

The researchers over at Global Biotechnologies work to develop products that work for and protect you and your family. Seeing as the hot weather is finally here, it also means that people are going to be jumping into their pools and public pools. People have always had some trepidation about public pools and rightly so. Turns out that there is a parasite called Cryptosporidium which has doubled in amount since 2014. This parasite can cause diarrhea and infects people in pools and water parks. The parasite spreads when someone drinks water that has been contaminated with feces from a sick person.

Now we all know we put chlorine in pools to keep them clean and sanitary but it turns out that Crypto is more resistant than your average parasite. Crypto is not the only parasite floating around in public pools nad water parks, there are few diseases that spread through fecal matter.

Now that I’ve probably managed to scare you a bit, I’m now here to tell you there are some ways you can protect yourself and your family. The scientists over at Global Biotechnologies have developed some Anti microbial products which you can purchase right no their website. Some other things you can do to keep yourself safe is avoid swallowing water. You can also keep your ears dry and your hair up and definitely don’t go swimming if you have an open wound. Always make sure the places you’re swimming in are visibly well maintained. Safe swimming!