Christina Blais : Collage Quilter

Christina Blias is a quilt artist, more specially she is a collage quilter. She has expressed that she loves being a collage quilter because it lowers her expectations that everything has to be right ad perfect the first time. When creating a collage quilt she will place something and then cover it up if she finds a better fabric for that section. She says that most of it’s trial and error, experimentation and expressing yourself. She also points out that being a collage quilter meas that the entire piece cannot be planned out from start to finish. She says that picking a fabric in the beginning are going to determine fabric choices down the line.

It sounds to me that to be a collage quilter you have to be okay with not having full control from start to finish. You must be able to go with the flow and change up fabric selections as you move further into the piece. Check out Christina Blias’s work on her website and see if collage quilting if something that might be right for you.