El Pequeno Colibri: Jewelry

El Pequeno Colibri has a very great selection of hand made Peruvian jewelry. All of their jewelry is hand made by their artisan partners. All of the jewelry is made with silver, and either stones, gems, or even gourds. There is pins, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and even silver chain necklaces.

El Pequeno Colibri is a fair trade company, which means that they pay all of the artisans for their authentic work. El Pequeno Colibri does not just sell Peruvian jewelry, they also sell Peruvian textiles, ceramics, sweaters and coats, as well as folk art. To learn more or to simply see the beautiful selection of jewelry, visit El Pequeno Colibri at www.elpequenocolibri.com!