Craft Estetica : Waxing

One of the beauty regiments that most women do is waxing. As I’m sure most women are aware, there are multiple things to be waxed. Craft Estetica offers brow waxing, lip and chin waxing, bikini, leg and brazilian waxing. Depending on the individual not all are always necessary and some are more painful than others.

There are some benefits to waxing over shaving. Perhaps you have sensitive skin and often get skin irritation from the constant shaving. Maybe you find that you just don’t have the time to keep up on shaving. Waxing lasts longer than shaving because it takes the hair out at the root, of course it will grow back, but it takes much longer. Not only will it take longer to grow but, for some it also grows back finer instead of thicker like shaving does. Waxing also doesn’t leave any of those unsightly cuts or scrapes that a razor might leave behind.

Waxing can also leave your skin feeling smoother than shaving, due to the lack of stubble because the hair is gone not just cut down. One of the biggest benefits of waxing is that it fast and convenient. Some people might assume that waxing is way more expensive than shaving, but that isn’t true! It may be a little more than a razor and shaving cream or waxing strip up front, but because you have to do it less often it ends up saving you money in the long run.

A lot of people buy those self waxing kits, for their eyebrows, lips, legs or other private areas, but your not a professional. Going to a professional to have your waxing done can save you time, money and some pain. The professionals know what they’re doing and can make the process as least painful as possible! If you’re not waxing now, give it a try, you wont’ be disappointed.