Craft Estetica : Salt Room

Have you heard about this thing called Halotherapy? From my understanding it can include a number of different spa treatments using Himalayan salt. So more basic, have you heard about salt therapy? If not, it’s been said to be very beneficial for people with a variety of health and respiratory conditions. Salt therapy isn’t a new fad, it’s actually been around for centuries! Not only can it help with health and respiratory issues it is also a natural disinfectant and antimicrobial.

But wait that’s not all it can do! Salt rooms have also been known to increase your immune system, nervous system and lymphatic systems! Halotherapy has also been shown to help heal psoriasis, that pesty eczema and everyone’s favorite, acne!

Who wouldn’t love going to the spa and helping you body heal while you’re relaxing!

You may be wondering what actually happens during a salt room session! At Craft Estetica in Portland, Maine, they have an amazing salt room where the walls are layered with Himalayan salt rocks/bricks. They also surround you with relaxing lighting and music. You can melt away in their zero gravity chairs while you relax, and inhale the healing salt particles.