New App: Daily Nanny/Pocket Nanny

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on with your child and their care provider while you are at work? Look no further because there is an app where you can stay in touch with your care provider and your child. The app is called the Daily Nanny and it is on the iTunes app store. It is the best way for parents an nannies to share photos, track hours, keep in touch, as well as track important data about their kids. In the app you nannies can clock in, enter previous shifts, and see exactly how much they are owed for their time, including over time. Nannies and parents can upload and comment on photos. Photos are automatically shared with all parties involved. Messages can keep everyone on the same page, there is group messaging thread between nannies and parents. So you can keep all your care related communication in one place. Parents and nannies can track daily information about kids, such as naps, bottles, meals, medicine, and more. Parents get push notifications when notable events happen throughout the day. You can download the app for free but for parents it is a $9.99/month charge. The first month is on us though! Don’t have an iPhone or an IOS operating system, no worries. You can follow this link that will allow you to download the app. Give this app a try, it is a great way to keep in touch!