Maine Fire Sprinkler Systems

Smoke detectors aren’t enough, Maine Fire Sprinkler Systems are the best way to protect your home, possessions, and most importantly, your family. Warm Waters can provide you with a new sprinkler system, and install it for you. They can also provide your with inspection and maintenance services, so your system stays ready to protect your family. Smoke alarms are useful, but it’s possible that by the time you hear them you are already in trouble. A proper sprinkler system can actively save anyone who is unable to save themselves. It also can save your entire home.

Maine Fire Sprinkler Systems

Warm Waters provides residential heating, cooling, and safety systems. They can repair, replace, or install new heating & cooling systems, like classic HVAC or modern heat pumps. They also install and maintain fire sprinkler systems, and snow melting driveways. These systems keep your family and home comfortable and safe. The Uponor system they install is easy to integrate into PEX plumbing. Uponor PEX expands up to 3 times the pipes diameter, which makes it very hard to freeze.

They are also backed by a 25 year limited warranty. Smoke detectors are a great way to warn you of fire. However they don’t always wake sleepers, and only go off when the smoke passes them. Poor placement and varying home design can leave gaps in your smoke detector system. Meaning there may be areas of your home where if a fire started, it may be too big by the time the detector goes off to save your home and everyone in it.

Keep Your Family Safe

Maine Fire Sprinkler Systems from Warm Waters is a great way to give you peace of mind. Keep your home, family, pets, and property protected. Contact them today for a consultation. Warm Waters will install a system that covers your whole home. Contact them today!