Accurate Weather Stripping

Stop drafty doors and windows now! Increase your home or building’s energy efficiency and temperature efficiency with Accurate Weather Stripping. Weather stripping from Accurate is not only one of the best ways to stop drafts from your doors and windows, it’s an old tried and true design. More efficient than plastics and other modern cheap imitators. This design is over 100 years old and is still one of the top rated in the market.

Accurate Weather Stripping, old but not broken

Accurate weather stripping is a metal interlocking design originated by Acme Weatherstrip in 1989. The design is relatively unchanged since and as mentioned, it is still one of the most efficient on the market. The metal weather stripping design is great for doors and windows that have slight space above or beneath them to allow air to flow unhindered to the outside. Leaking your valuable heat or air conditioned air outside and thus create a more work for your heater or air conditioner. Accurate Weather Stripping plugs those leaks and keeps your air inside you home.

Long Lasting Solution

Metal Weather Stripping is a great solution not just for its efficiency, but also its durability. While plastic and other methods will wear out quickly, metal weather stripping lasts years longer than the competition. Plastics can warp and bend and deform in various ways. Metal weather strips hold up better than any plastic solution, and allow for full functionality of your windows and doors. So while you may think a foam gap filler will be a good solution, remember those products often expand into any and all areas possible. They can easily push out part of your window or door frame. That makes operation of your window or door more difficult. This may even cause another gap for air to push through.