Air Conditioning

Are you looking for Air Conditioning repair or installation services? Gelinas HVAC can assist you with all of your AC needs. Not only do they want to help keep you cool, but they specialize in quiet equipment that is reliable. No more worrying about whether certain areas of the house are getting the right amount of cooling! They will come and assess your home or building, examining where the best placement for ducts and vents are, as well as your insulation and homes temperature efficiency, so they can provide the best system for your needs.

360 Air Conditioning services

Gelinas HVAC is a full service air conditioner provider covering maintenance and new installations. Their services include:

Service, repairs, and replacements of existing systems and fixtures

Energy efficiency upgrades

Rooftop units

Humidification controls

Annual system inspection & maintenance

Service Contracts

Whole system/building assessment & management

Indoor air quality testing

Free Consultation

Gelinas will even provide a FREE consultation and estimate of what you will need. They will provide you with the right system for your environment, no more or less. Gelinas has a wide variety of products as well as service agreements, meaning if you don’t want to have to worry about your system at all, they can cover it for you. They will provide the services that work with what you can afford. Gelinas is energy star compliant and trained and certified in the latest technologies to keep you cool and comfortable. Their goal is to set you up with the most efficient energy saving systems possible, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Wait?

The season is only going to get busier as it warms up, so make your plans and call Gelinas today for your consultation to make sure you stay comfortable in your home! Gelinas also provides heating services, so you can get 2 birds with 1 call! Contact Gelinas today!