Single Origin Coffee Beans

I haven’t ever really spend a lot of time thinking about where my coffee beans come from, until I heard the term single origin coffee beans. At first I thought it was just another buzz word used to sell coffee. Then I took sometime to learn more and check out the local coffee companies who carry it. That’s how I came across It’s Been Smithed. Who has their own line of single origin coffee beans available right on their website.

What really drew me to the company It’s Been Smithed is that all their coffee is roasted in small batches. When you order online, your order is shipped only hours after being roasted. I don’t know about you but that sounds like possibly the freshest coffee available online. On top of the freshness from this coffee company, their selection is amazing. Within just their single origin coffee beans collection you have thirteen different types of coffee to choose from! You’ll be able to find everything from a light Columbia Blonde Roast to a Sumatra Mandheling dark roast. It wasn’t until I found It’s Been Smithed that I truly understood the meaning of single origin coffee beans. Where as most coffee blends are comprised of beans from multiple geographic locations. Single origin coffee is comprised of beans from the same location!

There is more to this coffee company than just their offering of single origin coffee blends. When you browse their website and finally land on a blend of coffee you’d like. You’ll have a number of options within that. It’s Been Smithed offers all of their coffee in Keurig compatible pods, 12oz, 2 lbs and 5lbs. In addition to that you’ll also have the option of choosing a drip grind, whole beans and a coarse grind. Most of their coffees are also offered in both regular and decaf. I cannot think of another coffee company that offers so many different options, with quality product. You will not regret it, take the time to check out It’s Been Smithed and their coffee selection!