ProKnee Knee Pads

If you working the flooring industry there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about ProKnee Knee Pads. As a Mainer I am very proud that ProKnee is based here. This company had done amazing things to help protect the joints of flooring professionals. They never stop innovating and doing research and development to improve their products. The flooring experts at Independence Floor Supply has recognized that ProKnee is a leader in their industry. Therefore wanted to be able to offer their clients ProKnee Knee Pads right on their website.

There are a couple different ProKnee Knee Pads to choose from, their latest being AP16. With each innovation, they do all they can to improve the support and protection for their customers. With their latest, the AP16, they designed it with a slotted lower frame and live hinge to create the best glove like feeling. Paired with their patented Smartlock Quick Release buckles to keep the tightness where you want it. They designed it was a radius on the frame to provide the maximum flexibility in the most extreme kneeling positions. One of the best things I think ProKnee did with their Knee Pads is make all parts replaceable. They know how hard you work and you shoulnd’y have to pay for an entire new knee pad if just the strap breaks.

Now I do not work in the flooring industry but I do work closely with people who are. They all recommend choosing ProKnee Knee pads over any other product. With the passion and dedication that ProKnee puts into all their products, the choice is easy. Whether you already own a knee pad from ProKnee and are looking for replacement parts. Or if you’re ready to make the switch and need to buy the whole assembly. All can be found on the website of Independence Floor Supply.