ProKnee model AP16

Are you ready for the ProKnee model AP16? Get ready for the next level of comfort and reinforcement with this great set of knee pads. The ProKnee model AP 16 is useful in a wide array of jobs and projects, either around the house or on the job site! Don’t feel the strain of sitting on your knees while you need to focus on the task at hand. Using many of the features from model 0714, and with many new patent pending features, the ProKnee model AP16 is in a class of its own. Learn more and order here!


The knee pocket shape and flat bottom design keeps your knee joint stable, which reduces joint wear-out and knee burn pain. ProKnee model AP16 comes with full protection for your knee, and is recommended for moderate to all day use. It comes with an adjustable knee strap, and is recommended for anyone working with knee health issues. It is built to protect against punctures from nails and other small objects on the job site floor. You can even order replacement parts if after use a piece wears out. It also includes a hand washable liner to help keep clean. Its compact size also accommodates all wearers sizes.

The ProKnee model AP 16 is a great choice for the jobs in between, but is not recommended for everyday use. If you are in need of knee pads for all day use most or many days of the week we recommend the ProKnee model 0714 and 0714E wide. The AP16 is a great all purpose knee pad, where as the 0714 and 0714E are custom fit knee pads for constant use.

The Proknee model AP16 is compact, protecting the top half of the users shin. The model 0714 & 0714E are full length, covering the users entire shin. Both share many fantastic features, such as 2 cushion thicknesses, 5/8” and 1” for ultimate shock absorption and comfort. They also share a no wrinkle liner, and a patented knee pocket shape and flat bottom design. Finally, the ProKnee model AP 16 and the 0714 and 0714E all share a rubber boot with tough 3 ply non-skid and non marking properties to hold up against rough surfaces and extreme working conditions.

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So, if you are in “kneed” you should order the ProKnee model AP16 indeed! The slotted lower frame and live hinge give it a “glove-like” feeling. Smart-lock quick release buckles keep the straps tight and where you want them. The radius on frame perimeter ribbing provides maximum flexibility in extreme kneeling conditions. So don’t delay! If your knees ache, it may be time to look into the ProKnee model AP 16.