Independence Floor Supply : ProKnee Covid-19 Face Shield

During this crazy pandemic companies such as ProKnee has stepped up their production game and started producing ProKnee Covid-19 Face Shields. Covid-19 face shields have been a life saver for those people who either medically cannot wear a mask or for people who want that little bit of extra protection. There are a lot of benefits of getting the ProKnee Covid-19 Face Shield instead of one from another company. The ProKnee product utilizes and easy to use buckle and strap system along with replaceable wick guard sweat bands.

It is important to remember that the ProKnee Covid-19 Face Shield is intended for medical purposes for the duration of the COVID-19 health emergency. It is not designed to provide an anti-viral or anti-microbial barrier. If you’re looking for more protection during these uncertain times, the ProKnee Covid-19 Face Shield is a great way to do so. Along with their optional add-on wick guard/sweat band, this product is top notch. If you choose to purchase the optional wick guard you will get added overhead protection, wick tech fabric with foam cushioning right at your forehead for added comfort. It is also completely removable for easy washing.

If you’re in the market for extra protection for yourself or your loved ones, check out this ProKnee Covid-19 Face Shield from Independence Floor Supply. When you go to checkout on their website, you also have the option to purchase additional wick guards so you have plenty on hand so you still have one while the others are in the wash. ProKnee is a Maine based company that takes pride in each of their products, and wouldn’t let anything leave their facility without 100% satisfaction.