Independence Floor Supply : ProKnee Model 07

If you’re in the flooring industry it’s likely that you have heard of ProKnee Kneepads. ProKnee is a Maine based company that develops and manufactures a variety of kneepads made specifically for flooring installation professionals. One of my favorite things about ProKnee is that they sell replacement parts for each and every model. Selling replacement parts allows you to replace and repair individual pieces of the ProKnee Kneepads instead of having to buy a whole new one.

One of their particular models is the ProKnee Model 07. If you’ve ever keeled for a long periods of time you are aware of the amount of pressure that puts on your knees. Now if you’re in a profession, such as flooring installation, being on your knees all the time can take an extreme toll on your joints. Don’t spend another work day on your knees installing flooring without the support of a ProKnee Model 07. If you’re an owner of a flooring business, don’t let your crew suffer any longer, outfit your entire team with ProKnee Kneepads from Independence Flooring Supply.

If you’ve already learned the hard way and purchased a ProKnee Model 07 kneepad, maybe it’s getting a little worn out and you need come replacements parts. Independence Floor Supply has got you covered, they carry the full line of ProKnee Model 07 replacement parts. Don’t waste your money on a new model if your Model 07 is still kicking, but just needs some TLC. Check out Independence Flooring Supply’s website to view their entire inventory of ProKnee Model 07 replacement parts!