Tint Maine : Permanent Make-up in Maine

Have you heard of this thing called permanent make-up? This sounds like a great idea, a time saver and one less thing to worry about. Permanent make-up in Maine is also know as micro pigmentation. This is a new technique which deposits high quality face pigments right into the dermal layer of the skin. This may sound intimidating, but when you have professionals like the ones at Tint Maine do it, you are guaranteed to be happy with the results of your permanent make-up in Maine.

There are a number of different things that the professionals Tint Maine can do with their permanent make-up. With this advanced technology they can enhance eyebrows, add a permanent eyeliner or even a lip liner. Using this permanent make-up in Maine technique they can create a powdered or feathered hair stroke appearance, allowing them to fill in eyebrows. One of the things that peaked my interest was the permanent eyeliner, not having to site in front of the mirror trying to get things perfectly even every time would be a great time saver!

Now that I’ve got you intrigued you might be wondering exactly what you could expect during the visit or what might need to be done before the procedure takes place. The process would begin with a consultation with the great professionals at Tint Maine to talk about what exactly you’re looking for. After the application of the permanent make-up in Maine there would be one or two follow ups to make sure everything is healing properly and the color is staying true. Now this procedure may sound amazing but there are some people that it’s a good fit and some people that it wouldn’t be ideal for. The permanent make-up in Maine is great for people with thinning eyebrows, busy schedules, swimmers, people with make-up allergies, if you have fading lips, wear contact lenses or have tearing eyes. For more information on people who should avoid this type of permanent cosmetics please contact Tint Maine today!