Immune System Supplement for Dogs

We should all be aware that the immune system is our line of defense against sickness. Our pets also have an immune system that is essential to them fighting off sickness. The scientists over at Global BioTechnologies have developed an immune system supplement for dogs called Immu-Treats. These little immune boosting treats aren’t boring, they’re liver flavored with the texture of biscotti yet chewable! Not only do these little treats boost your dogs immune system, they also help clean their teeth.

Those scientist have done their research and come up with the best immune boosting treat. They include Glucanol which is a highly studied immune booster which has been cleared by the FDA. There are a few breeds of dogs that are prone to spleen and other tumors, such as shepards and labs. Get your dog some Immu-Treats today to help them live a longer and happy life!