Craft Estetica : Organic Spray Tan

Have you thought about giving spray tanning a try? Why not go one step further and give organic spray tanning a shot?! There are a couple reasons why people tend to stay away from spray tanning but I’m here to give you both sides of the story.

Are you worried about the chemical in the spray tanning solution called DHA? 

The active ingredient in the solution is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA has been around in the cosmetic community for almost 30 years! It was listed with the FDA in the year 1973. There is no need to worry, DHA was deemed safe to use in cosmetics! DHA is made from glycerin which is derived from vegetables, which is also commonly used in food. The last things to remember is that DHA is NOT absorbed into the body and poses no risk of toxicity.

Some women have the idea that after a spray tan you’ll come out looking like an  Oompa-Loompa, rest assured ladies that is not the case!

With the Lavish Organic Spray Tan, has been created with a a patent pending, brown-sugar based solutions which is made from apples. Using brown sugar as a base helps ensure the golden brown color, eliminating any possibility of turning out orange. The reason why some spray tanning solutions leave people with a orange glow is because they’re based from beat or carrot extracts, hence the color!

We guarantee the highest quality, golden-brown results.

Organic Spray Tan