Gelinas HVAC : Air Conditioning

It’s that time of year, it is officially summer tomorrow! I know being a Mainer we usually complain about the cold winters and then complain about the hot summers. While the outside might be hot and unbearable on some days, with professionally installed air conditioning at least your home, cottage or business can be a cool haven. The air conditioning pros at Gelinas HVAC have the knowledge and experience to provide your home or business with cool temperatures, call them for a free estimate and consultation.

They will work with you to make sure you have the very best comfort and savings for your air conditioning system. They will sit sown with you and figure out exactly what your looking for out of an air conditioning unit. Whether you’re looking to cool a large square footage or your top priority is that the unit be quiet and has good temperature controls. Gelinas HVAC will be able to help you determine what air conditioning is best for your situation. They will evaluate your home or business’s current climate, size, level of insulation and the specific requirements so they can design a system just for you.

Not only does Gelinas HVAC have the knowledge to choose the right new air conditioning system for you, they can also offer service, repairs and replacement for all existing systems and fixtures. They also have the knowledge to help you in upgrading to a more energy efficient upgrade. They also have experience servicing and installing rooftop units, humidity control systems and indoor air quality testing. They have convenient inspection and maintenance plans to keep your units clean and running and peak efficiency. Don’t spend another summer in your home or office being sweaty and uncomfortable, call Gelinas HVAC for your free air conditioning consultation and estimate.

Our Air Cooling Services Include: