Commercial Cleaning

Greener Portland Cleaning, LLC, is a Portland, Maine, commercial cleaning business. Greener Portland uses biodegradable, nontoxic, and highly effective cleaning products. They provide superior, customizable cleaning services to commercial properties in Portland, Maine. Our cleaning services include vacuuming, waste removal, dustin, sweeping, mopping, surface disinfecting, bathroom cleaning and disinfecting, etc. Greener Portland also offers additional services that include dish washing, checking and refilling toiletries, elevator disinfecting, stairway cleaning, appliances cleaning and disinfecting, refrigerator clean out, window spot-cleaning, and carpet spot-treatment. If you are in need of a cleaning contact Greener Portland  for additional information about services or for a free estimate. Greener Portland will ensure your unique cleaning needs are consistently met so you can focus on the success of your business in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment.